About Dr. Mark Nechodom

Dr. Mark Nechodom has been a stalwart conservationist and research scientist in the private and public sectors for more than twenty years. He received his B.A. in political and social thought from World College West in 1983 but transitioned over to political science, environmental policy, and geography in his graduate studies. He would earn his Ph.D. from the University of California-Santa Cruz in political science, environmental policy, and geography in 1998.

After his time at the University of California system, Dr. Mark Nechodom would move on as a research scientist and later on as a policy director for the government on both the federal and state levels. He collaborated with researchers, engineers, and policy experts to gain insight on the effects of climate change on ecosystem services, how conservation efforts can mitigate adverse risks, and what regulations were necessary for responsible energy production.

One of his most significant achievements was his part in the establishment of the USDA Office of Environmental Markets, which is responsible for developing an infrastructure that facilitates innovation in the carbon, wetlands, biodiversity, and other emerging environmental markets. Dr. Mark Nechodom would work for this organization and others on the federal and state levels to improve ecological efforts and build a strong but fair regulatory environment.

Today, Dr. Mark Nechodom owns his own consulting firm where he provides expertise and guidance on issues related to greenhouse gas mitigation, regulatory compliance, and philanthropy for the environment.  This page will highlight those efforts and issues regarding sustainability and climate change